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Stop wasting time figuring out where to buy crystals and how to open your store.

Follow these steps and in no time your shop will be ready for success!

Quit spending hours on Google...

⏳ Reading outdated "advice" from people who have never had their own crystal shop.

 Signing up for wholesale websites that don't have any crystals you want to buy.

⌛️ Digging for the truth in a mountain of results that don't apply to you.

Kiss these crystal shop myths goodbye.

❌ There is NOT too much competition for new sellers to do well!

❌ It’s NOT too hard to find trustworthy crystal suppliers with quality products!

❌ You DON’T have to discount your prices to make sales!

You DON’T have to sell crystals full time to make money!

    What this guide covers:

    💎 Finding wholesale crystal suppliers

    💎 Pricing crystals to make a profit

    💎 Creating your brand and online shop

    💎 Pros and cons of selling crystals on Instagram, Etsy, and your own website

    💎 The best social media platform for crystal shops

    💎 Supplies you need to get started

    💎 Crystal photography tips

    💎 What to include in your listings (and what to leave out)

    💎 How to contact me directly with questions

    Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and there are no refunds. While I have complete confidence in the strategies presented, no promise or guarantee is made of increased revenue or sales.

    Please contact me with any questions or issues with your purchase, I am happy to help!